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About Me

I'm Matan Portnoy, an Israeli filmmaker and photographer based in Tel Aviv. I made my first film at 17 and fell in love with the craft. The camera enabled me to express ideas in a unique way I had not yet experienced. Nothing quite compared to this magic of filmmaking and I knew I found my place within the world of cinema and visual storytelling.

Since then, I have written and directed several shorts, documentaries and music videos, alongside other projects. Some were made while studying at Psagot Film and Television College in Karmiel, Israel, from which I graduated in 2013, others during my military service between the years 2013-2016 as a combat photographer and some were produced independently. I am also a graduate of the Screenwriters Program of Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem as of 2020.

Simultaneously, I’ve been working In the past 3 years as a freelance director and videographer for the digital department of Globes- One of Israel's most influential financial and business newspaper. In addition to my work in the video department, I've also worked as a photographer for Globes newspaper and G Magazine.
My work in Globes contributed to my familiarity and experience in the documentary field- having worked there on versatile projects, magazine photoshoots and studio productions.

My journey in this field has enabled me to explore and travel, collaborate with wonderful and inspiring people and simply keep on doing what I love most. Being able to call this my job is a huge privilege and I'm thankful for doing it and wish to keep on growing and learning.
I create with passion, tell stories that dive into the human experience and wish to visualize the things that are otherwise impossible to put into words.

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